Benefits of Insurance Cash Plans for UK Citizens

An increasing number of us are choosing private medical insurance, and there are two main types of policies available. The first type of policy will cover your treatment in a private hospital, meaning you get treated quicker than waiting for the NHS. The second type of policy is known as a cash plan and is a more affordable way of covering the costs of your medical treatment.


When taking out a cash plan the insurer will provide a list of things which are covered. Cash plans generally pay out when the patient needs dental treatment, new glasses or contact lenses, diagnostic tests or scans and even pay a set sum each day when the patient is admitted to hospital. Policies vary from company to company, so check details carefully before signing up. Many insurers also over different levels of cover, so take time to think about what cover you realistically need.


If you work as a contractor or are self-employed, being admitted to hospital or falling ill means you don’t earn. Having a cash plan which pays out for each night you are in hospital can help cover your costs such as rent, mortgage or bills and take away some of the stress of being ill. Appointments can also be worked around other obligations such as work or childcare, and the approach is altogether more flexible than the NHS, where it can be hard to rearrange appointments around holidays and work.


If you are covered by a medical insurance cash plan, you can often skip the NHS waiting lists for x-rays or other tests by using your pay out from the company to have the tests privately. The insurance company can take the stress away by arranging all of this for you, and can also arrange for you to see a consultant more quickly than on the NHS. All it takes is one phone call to your insurer and everything will be arranged at a time to suit you.


The NHS often does not fund complementary therapy such as hypnotherapy and reflexology, but people who have taken out an insurance cash plan have access to funding for these therapies as well as more conventional medical treatment such as chiropody or physiotherapy. This means that the patient can access a wide range of treatments to find the method which most effectively treats whatever condition they are suffering from.