The Most Insured People in the UK

Nearly everyone is insured in some way or another. Most of us have home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and perhaps health insurance and employment insurance. For a select group of individuals who depend on their skills to earn huge sums or who can do things other people cannot do, have to insure themselves against injury and loss of earnings. Read on to find out who the most insured people in the UK are.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is one of Britain’s best footballers, and a major asset to him employer, Manchester United. Wayne will have insurance against some sort of injury which ends his playing career, and the football club will also have a separate policy insuring against the loss of one of their major playing assets. Rooney’s wages are said to be around £13 million annually, and he will be insured for far more. Given that Rooney has a history of foot injuries, this will also boost his insurance premiums.

Ant and Dec

When you are strongly reliant on another person for your television work, it makes sense to insure yourself against the possibility of being left as a solo performer. TV presenters Ant and Dec have reportedly taken out insurance for over £2 million pounds on each other’s lives. Although the death or injury or one half of the duo would not necessarily mean the end of the career of the other, it would certainly curtail the opportunities.

Queen Elizabeth II

When you own as much property and priceless antiques as the Queen, you can expect your annual policies for buildings and contents insurance to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, as the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle showed, most royal palaces are not insured because the annual premiums would be so expensive. Whether the Queen has accidental damage cover on her personal possessions to protect against corgi damage is unknown.

Cheryl Cole

During her last solo tour, singer Cheryl Cole took out an insurance policy worth £2 million to cover her against accidents which may happen on stage during a performance or rehearsal. Dancing and singing isn’t by its nature dangerous, but breaking an ankle can put a swift end to a tour, and cost a lot of money in terms of lost revenue in ticket sales and merchandising opportunities. Now that Cheryl is back with Girls Aloud, the premiums will multiply by 5.