Expensive Dental Procedures in the UK

The state of British teeth is a bit of a standing joke with our American cousins, but it’s an unfair accusation that Brits don’t look after their mouths. Basic dental treatment is covered on the NHS, but more complex or cosmetic treatment is charged for. Costs can soon mount up if you don’t know what to expect.


A crown is used when a tooth has decayed to the extent that it can no longer be filled effectively. The dentist makes a false tooth which sits on top of your existing tooth on a permanent basis. It is not removed every evening, and is indistinguishable from your own teeth. Many people opt for crowns for cosmetic and practical reasons, but they are not a budget choice. A basic crown can start at around £650 for one tooth.


Implants are the big new thing in the world of dentistry, and new technology never comes cheap. An implant involves the dentist fixing small metal posts into your jaw bone and then attaching new teeth on top. The advantages are that the procedure is suitable for almost everyone, and the results are permanent and natural in appearance. The cost though is what puts most people off implants, as even a basic set can cost upwards of £3000. As the technology becomes more commonplace, the cost may start to come down.


If you’ve ever wondered how the Hollywood stars get such a dazzlingly white smile, the chances are they’ve had a set of veneers fitted. The process involves a thin layer of porcelain being “glued” to the surface of the tooth or teeth. This makes them look smooth, uniform, shiny and very white. The result lasts between 5 and 10 years depending on the material being used, and the cost can be around £5000 and involves several trips to the dentist over the course of many weeks.


If your teeth are squint or twisted, have a brace fitted is the simplest way to straighten them out. Often the braces will be covered by the NHS, but if the dentist deems that your teeth are not sufficiently squint to be covered, you face having to pay around £2,500. Adult teeth cost more to straighten out than children’s teeth and the process will involve initial consultation along with fittings and regular appointments to check that the braces are working in the correct way.