Crazy UK Insurance Claims

Everyone’s aware of the need to be properly insured, and insurance comes into its own when you have a car crash, someone steals your mobile phone or your house goes on fire. Some people though take the whole insurance concept just one step too far and come out with the most outrageously crazy insurance claims.

The Cheating Boyfriend

Mobile phone insurance is designed to protect us against our expensive smartphone handsets getting stolen or broken. Most claims are settled without a problem, but one woman from Liverpool claimed for a new handset after her HTC Desire got broken when she threw it at her boyfriend in a rage after finding out he had cheated on her. She missed, hit the wall and the handset broke. Unsurprisingly, her insurer refused to pay out for a new phone.

The Vomiting Passenger

A cruise is a great way to have a relaxing holiday on the high seas, and is especially popular with the older generation. One elderly traveller didn’t have such a great experience though and on his return had to put in an insurance claim for a set of new dentures which he had accidentally spat overboard while being violently ill with sea sickness. Despite the unusual circumstances of the loss of his teeth, the insurance company paid out, enabling him to get a new set.

The Violent Peacock

If your car is your pride and joy, there is nothing worse than the thought of it being scratched or damaged by another road user. However, one slightly more unusual claim landed on the desk of loss adjusters at one insurer, when a policy holder claimed for a scratched bonnet after a peacock had landed on his car and was freaked out by the sight of its reflection. The insurer paid out for the deep gouges in the paintwork caused by the angry bird.

The Attractive Girls

One of the major benefits of travel insurance is that it will pay your costs if you fall ill or have an accident while on holiday. One UK holidaymaker put in a claim for hospital expenses after he had injured himself walking into a heavy glass bus shelter on the Greek islands. After investigation, it transpired that the holidaymaker had failed to see the bus shelter as he had been distracted by the sight of two attractive girls in bikinis. The insurer paid the claim, and the holidaymaker learned to take better care of where he was going.