The Most Insured People in the UK

Nearly everyone is insured in some way or another. Most of us have home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and perhaps health insurance and employment insurance. For a select group of individuals who depend on their skills to earn huge sums or who can do things other people cannot do, have to insure themselves against injury and loss of earnings. Read on to find out who the most insured people in the UK are.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is one of Britain’s best footballers, and a major asset to him employer, Manchester United. Wayne will have insurance against some sort of injury which ends his playing career, and the football club will also have a separate policy insuring against the loss of one of their major playing assets. Rooney’s wages are said to be around £13 million annually, and he will be insured for far more. Given that Rooney has a history of foot injuries, this will also boost his insurance premiums.

Ant and Dec

When you are strongly reliant on another person for your television work, it makes sense to insure yourself against the possibility of being left as a solo performer. TV presenters Ant and Dec have reportedly taken out insurance for over £2 million pounds on each other’s lives. Although the death or injury or one half of the duo would not necessarily mean the end of the career of the other, it would certainly curtail the opportunities.

Queen Elizabeth II

When you own as much property and priceless antiques as the Queen, you can expect your annual policies for buildings and contents insurance to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, as the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle showed, most royal palaces are not insured because the annual premiums would be so expensive. Whether the Queen has accidental damage cover on her personal possessions to protect against corgi damage is unknown.

Cheryl Cole

During her last solo tour, singer Cheryl Cole took out an insurance policy worth £2 million to cover her against accidents which may happen on stage during a performance or rehearsal. Dancing and singing isn’t by its nature dangerous, but breaking an ankle can put a swift end to a tour, and cost a lot of money in terms of lost revenue in ticket sales and merchandising opportunities. Now that Cheryl is back with Girls Aloud, the premiums will multiply by 5.

Crazy UK Insurance Claims

Everyone’s aware of the need to be properly insured, and insurance comes into its own when you have a car crash, someone steals your mobile phone or your house goes on fire. Some people though take the whole insurance concept just one step too far and come out with the most outrageously crazy insurance claims.

The Cheating Boyfriend

Mobile phone insurance is designed to protect us against our expensive smartphone handsets getting stolen or broken. Most claims are settled without a problem, but one woman from Liverpool claimed for a new handset after her HTC Desire got broken when she threw it at her boyfriend in a rage after finding out he had cheated on her. She missed, hit the wall and the handset broke. Unsurprisingly, her insurer refused to pay out for a new phone.

The Vomiting Passenger

A cruise is a great way to have a relaxing holiday on the high seas, and is especially popular with the older generation. One elderly traveller didn’t have such a great experience though and on his return had to put in an insurance claim for a set of new dentures which he had accidentally spat overboard while being violently ill with sea sickness. Despite the unusual circumstances of the loss of his teeth, the insurance company paid out, enabling him to get a new set.

The Violent Peacock

If your car is your pride and joy, there is nothing worse than the thought of it being scratched or damaged by another road user. However, one slightly more unusual claim landed on the desk of loss adjusters at one insurer, when a policy holder claimed for a scratched bonnet after a peacock had landed on his car and was freaked out by the sight of its reflection. The insurer paid out for the deep gouges in the paintwork caused by the angry bird.

The Attractive Girls

One of the major benefits of travel insurance is that it will pay your costs if you fall ill or have an accident while on holiday. One UK holidaymaker put in a claim for hospital expenses after he had injured himself walking into a heavy glass bus shelter on the Greek islands. After investigation, it transpired that the holidaymaker had failed to see the bus shelter as he had been distracted by the sight of two attractive girls in bikinis. The insurer paid the claim, and the holidaymaker learned to take better care of where he was going.

How do you insure the Queen?

Olympics (it can’t be easy parachuting at 86 – even with the help of James Bond!) and it looks like 2013 is set to be just as monumental with the birth of William and Kate’s 1st. But have you ever wondered what considerations are needed to insure the Queen? Would she be high risk/low risk?

It’s probably fairly unlikely that the Queen spends her free time on price comparison websites trying to get a better deal for her house insurance, but just like the rest of us, she will need to consider what sort of cover she needs. Insurance services and the Queen, or at least people similar to her, are an interesting subject, and there are specific areas where cover will be required.

Pet Insurance

Everyone knows the Queen loves her corgis, and like many elderly people she treats her pets as members of the extended family. Responsible pet owners take out pet insurance to guard against any unexpected vet bills should their pet have an accident or fall seriously ill. When more than one animal is owned, a separate policy will be required for each one.

Home and Contents Insurance

Any property owner will want to ensure that they have adequate cover to repair and restore their property if they are hit by flood or fire. A buildings insurance policy will cover the structure of the building, and a contents policy will cover the items in the home. Most insurers will ask homeowners to declare items over a certain monetary value, and it’s fair to say that in the Queen’s case this list will be fairly extensive.

Travel Insurance

There aren’t as many women in their eighties who travel as extensively as the Queen, but travel insurance is essential for anyone going overseas for business or pleasure. It covers not only the costs incurred if you have to cancel your holiday at short notice, but also covers loss or theft of luggage, medical costs while abroad, and emergency transport back to the UK in the event of a death or medical emergency.

Medical Insurance

As a nation we are living longer, and not a week goes past without there being a story in the press about pressure on the NHS. Lots of us have private medical insurance, and this sort of cover means that non-emergency procedures can be carried out much more quickly than on the NHS. For elderly people the Queen’s age, procedures like hip or knee replacements can be completed in a few weeks rather than a wait of several months.

Funeral Planning

The Queen is in the fortunate position of knowing that when she dies, her funeral will be arranged by the government and it will be a very grand occasion. Many elderly people in similar circumstances have policies which pay out in the event of their death and the idea is that this money can be used to cover the funeral expenses, and anything left over goes with the rest on the estate.